Service Areas

Welcome to Direct Placement Apartment Staffing – your premium partner for uncompromised staffing solutions in the multifamily housing sector. We proudly extend our services in Houston, Dallas, Arkansas, and Fort Worth. Nestled in the vibrant state of Texas, these cities hold immense opportunities for skilled professionals looking to flourish in the multifamily housing industry and for employers seeking to hire the best talent in the field.


Our service touchpoint in Houston offers customized staffing services tailored to the unique needs of its robust apartment economy. Whether you’re seeking skilled staff for your multifamily property or an exciting career opportunity, our Houston services have you covered.


In the rapidly growing Dallas apartment marketplace, our staffing services meet the challenges of the increasing demand for qualified professionals. Our Dallas service assures both companies and jobseekers of seamless staffing processes and perfect placement prospects.


Our Arkansas service has been playing a pivotal role in meeting the staffing requirements of its expanding apartment communities. We’re geared to offer engaging careers to job seekers and enhance staffing standards for apartment companies in the Arkansas region.

Fort Worth

In the thriving apartment space of Fort Worth, our services focus on acquiring and placing top-notch talent. Our Fort Worth service promises innovative staffing solutions that cater effectively to the distinctive local apartment industry dynamics.

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Why Work With Us?

At Direct Placement Apartment Staffing, our commitment to excellence in service and our deep understanding of the multifamily housing sector sets us apart. Here’s why you should choose to partner with us:

Localized Knowledge

Our specialized services across Houston, Dallas, Arkansas, and Fort Worth provide an upper hand with our extensive local knowledge. This insight enables us to comprehensively understand and meet your specific staffing requirements.

Quality Candidates

Our expansive network contains a pool of talented individuals in the multifamily housing industry. We ensure all candidates are thoroughly vetted, guaranteeing the placement of well-qualified, experienced professionals suited to your operations.

Efficient Service

We are committed to providing timely and effective staffing solutions. We understand that staffing gaps can disrupt operations and therefore ensure a swift, seamless, and competent placement process.

Long-term Commitment

Our relationship with you does not conclude with a successful placement. We provide continuous support, addressing your staffing concerns and changes in requirements promptly, promising successful, long-term employment relations.

Make Direct Placement Apartment Staffing your go-to solution for all your staffing needs in Houston, Dallas, Arkansas, and Fort Worth. Whether you’re seeking qualified staff for your multifamily property or pursuing a rewarding career opportunity, we are here to ensure your success. Contact us today to explore collaborative possibilities.

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